New Super Mario Bros Wii – Koopa Kid Castle Music

I. Love. Mario. Music.

Though there’s nothing I loathe more than seeing some guy cover the Super Mario Bros. 1-1 theme song though. Seriously, how many people have covered that, and in how many different ways?

I even remember seeing a video of a group of guys who set up a hefty amount of bottles in a line with varying amounts of liquids in them so they could drive an RC car along-side them with silverware sticking out to play each note of the theme.

ANYWAY. The first time I heard the music for this particular level in the game, I was just dying to do a rock (metal?) cover of it. I just tempo mapped it, looped it twice, and threw down a scratch drum track, and showed it to a buddy of mine, Alex Leffelman.

You can expect many more video game covers coming from us…

We got some guitar parts down, then threw down a better drum track (what you’re hearing), and here we are..


New Super Mario Bros Wii Koopa Kid Castle Music Cover by andyTHPS

You can check out Alex’s website at, and be jealous of his Power Hour App, and War with Friends App for Android.

Quick shout out to YouTuber agwawaf for letting us use his speed run. If you get a chance, check out his channel on YouTube for a ton of other amazing speed runs he’s done.


Brian Effinger – Mordekaiser

Slappin’ da bass, mon. This one is a really comfortable BPM for me to add in tons of little flairs and fills. Really digging the riffs in this one too, Brian is a pretty sick guitar player.

I actually worked with Brian Effinger at Neversoft for a couple years, and he’s a really cool dude. We had a lot of pretty awesome late-night Left 4 Dead sessions. He wrote this to compete in a community-based League of Legends contest which is pretty sweet.

“Each winner and up to four band members will receive 2800 RP for their musical mastery”