If you’re reading this, you should be informed about Net Neutrality

If you’re reading this, you should be informed about what net neutrality is and why it’s so important for YOU. Kudos to all of the sites participating and everyone calling + emailing their reps.

Here’s a quote from Reddit user /u/twoambien:

Net Neutrality is important to me because I’ve lived in countries where the internet is censored and it’s horrible. For me as a user and for the country as a whole. I don’t want something similar in America.

Although not having net neutrality might not be exactly the same as having a Great Firewall (China) or people going to prison for ‘Liking’ criticism of the King (Thailand), it would be similar. It would result in effective censorship. I don’t want a gatekeeper of the internet. Whether corporate or government.

and a quote from /u/hollacain

“The problem with net neutrality is that its going to be an ongoing fight across many countries. The companies hope we’ll get tired of fighting the same fight and wear people down until it eventuallt passes. So its not just important for net neutrality that people act against it, but also so they dont see this war of attrition as a viable strategy.”

The above College Humor video is from 2014. I remember talking about this issue in 2010. This will be an ongoing fight until it is very clear that the public make it political suicide for any politician to come out in favor of it.

We need more ads like this:

Or more like these that show what you’d have to pay for in addition to your existing internet: