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Schumacher by Corey Wallace

A friend put me in touch with Corey Wallace to drum out some stuff to replace his drum loops for a commercial he was working on. Thanks, Corey. I’m a fan of new friends. Schumacher by Corey Wallace

My MIDI Drum Tracking Rig v2

I get a ton of questions from comments and e-mails about my rig and what I’m using to track with all this gear and it’s actually a fairly simple setup. I’m on a quest to find the most efficient, durable, responsive, and portable drum rig whether it be MIDI or not, and I’ve been getting […]

Dota 2 song

I recently got some invites to the Dota 2 beta and it’s extremely addicting. I’m normally not into RTS games or Starcraft/Warcraft or anything, but this game is a ton of fun. There’s a lot of moments in the game where you’re grinding and farming and building up your character before you start actually attacking […]

Dom Liberati – We Own the Night Music Video

A few days before shooting this video, Dom called me up and asked if I could fill in on drums for a music video shoot since his regular drummer was out of town. I was stoked. $100 worth of El Pollo Loco catering, 4 gallons of coffee, 1 parking ticket, and a visit from the […]