Recording the Contra Medley

The drums were tracked July of 2016 when I first getting the hang of Logic X and the Scarlett Focusrite 18i20.

I had just put up a bunch of audimute’s absorption sheets around the room too which I totally recommend for portable sound-deadening blankets. Bye bye brown walls!:

My snare started sounding really awful and something was totally wrong 🙁

The bottom head that came with the snare when I bought it 18 years ago finally busted:

It needed wayyy more crunch.

AGH! Bought and put on a new bottom head and noticed this, AHH!!!:

The wood just started to give right under where I typically rimshot. 🙁 x 2


Luckily, this was an easy fix for Mike Henry at Houston Percussion Center, and it was sounding way better than it ever has.

Finally Ready?

Brian and I bought some cheap costume bullet belt/loop accessories, but our bullets kept falling out, and then this happened:

I laid on a nice long strip of packaging tape along the whole thing so it’d stay in place.

Luckily I had a back-up SM57 after this one:

And one more of me wrestling my bandana in between takes:

After 3 takes of drum audio and video, the drums were done. YAY!

Aside from adjusting all of the cameras, lighting, mics, compressors, DAW’s, choosing between cameras angles and the mix, we really want to do more of this kind of thing more often (Dodgeball NES Medley anyone?), so we hope you enjoy it.

The first one’s always the hardest (right?). Cheers!