Dom Liberati – We Own the Night Music Video

A few days before shooting this video, Dom called me up and asked if I could fill in on drums for a music video shoot since his regular drummer was out of town. I was stoked.

$100 worth of El Pollo Loco catering, 4 gallons of coffee, 1 parking ticket, and a visit from the cops due to a “noise complaint” later…

Dom Liberati has been a good friend of mine since working at Neversoft together on some of the later iterations of Guitar Hero. He’s had a great rock band for years in Ohio, and now in Los Angeles. I’ve filled in for a few shows, and have always had a good time. A lot of the best experiences I’ve had from watching bands play live music is not just the music, but the musicianship and vibe the band brings out on stage and Dom’s band does that really well. They’ve always always had a fun feel with improvisational bridges/breaks during songs where there’s some good comedy and audience participation that are really memorable.

Check out the Making Of video if you’re into it too.

Here’s to the next video and to 1,000,000 youtube hits.

Thanks for having me hang out and jam for a day, Dom and co.!

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