Deep Brass – Recording from a Reel to Reel into Logic

I went home to visit the folks for my brother’s engagement party last month and finally got my dad to sit down and get some of his recordings from the past 40 years into the digital life.

He was the singer in a kick ass band in high school called “Deep Brass” full with a brass section, guitars, percussion and an organ player. I always loved hearing it when he’d play the cassette tape for my brother and I in our 1986 Ford Taurus. He’d been in a ton of different bands and played all over the US throughout his life, but Deep Brass was the one I loved to show to my friends.

They covered everything from Chicago, Santana, to Blood Sweat and Tears. They were covering Santana songs with brass parts before Santana even had a brass section.

Everyone would trip out and say that the singer sounded like me or my brother. I’ll take that as a compliment. I can’t sing to save my life.

These were recorded at a live gig in Dallas using a couple live mics, so there wasn’t much we could do with the mix. I just put on a bit of compression and reduced the low end cause the bass was incredibly dominant, and bounced it as mono cause it was weird to have drums only in the right channel (no idea how it was separated like that).

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There were a few more on there, but we didn’t get around to em’ that night.

Next time..