Recording the Contra Medley

The drums were tracked July of 2016 when I first getting the hang of Logic X and the Scarlett Focusrite 18i20.

I had just put up a bunch of audimute’s absorption sheets around the room too which I totally recommend for portable sound-deadening blankets. Bye bye brown walls!:

My snare started sounding really awful and something was totally wrong 🙁

The bottom head that came with the snare when I bought it 18 years ago finally busted:

It needed wayyy more crunch.

AGH! Bought and put on a new bottom head and noticed this, AHH!!!:

The wood just started to give right under where I typically rimshot. 🙁 x 2


Luckily, this was an easy fix for Mike Henry at Houston Percussion Center, and it was sounding way better than it ever has.

Finally Ready?

Brian and I bought some cheap costume bullet belt/loop accessories, but our bullets kept falling out, and then this happened:

I laid on a nice long strip of packaging tape along the whole thing so it’d stay in place.

Luckily I had a back-up SM57 after this one:

And one more of me wrestling my bandana in between takes:

After 3 takes of drum audio and video, the drums were done. YAY!

Aside from adjusting all of the cameras, lighting, mics, compressors, DAW’s, choosing between cameras angles and the mix, we really want to do more of this kind of thing more often (Dodgeball NES Medley anyone?), so we hope you enjoy it.

The first one’s always the hardest (right?). Cheers!

If you’re reading this, you should be informed about Net Neutrality

If you’re reading this, you should be informed about what net neutrality is and why it’s so important for YOU. Kudos to all of the sites participating and everyone calling + emailing their reps.

Here’s a quote from Reddit user /u/twoambien:

Net Neutrality is important to me because I’ve lived in countries where the internet is censored and it’s horrible. For me as a user and for the country as a whole. I don’t want something similar in America.

Although not having net neutrality might not be exactly the same as having a Great Firewall (China) or people going to prison for ‘Liking’ criticism of the King (Thailand), it would be similar. It would result in effective censorship. I don’t want a gatekeeper of the internet. Whether corporate or government.

and a quote from /u/hollacain

“The problem with net neutrality is that its going to be an ongoing fight across many countries. The companies hope we’ll get tired of fighting the same fight and wear people down until it eventuallt passes. So its not just important for net neutrality that people act against it, but also so they dont see this war of attrition as a viable strategy.”

The above College Humor video is from 2014. I remember talking about this issue in 2010. This will be an ongoing fight until it is very clear that the public make it political suicide for any politician to come out in favor of it.

We need more ads like this:

Or more like these that show what you’d have to pay for in addition to your existing internet:

Kermit sings Childish Gambino – Redbone

Saw this floating around and have listened to it more times than I’d like to admit…

Daylight, I wake up feeling like you won’t play right
I usually know but now, that shit don’t feel right
It made me put away my pride
So long, you made a nigga wait for some, so long
You make it hard for a boy like that to go wrong
I’m wishing I could make this mine, oh

If you want it, yeah
You can have it, oh, oh, oh
If you need it, ooh
We can make it, oh
If you want it
You can have it

But stay woke
They gon’ find you
Gon’ catch you sleepin’
Ooh, now stay woke
Kermit’s creepin’
Now don’t you close your eyes

Too late
You wanna make it right, but now it’s too late
My peanut butter chocolate cake with Kool-Aid
I’m trying not to waste my time

If you want it, oh
You can have it, you can have it
If you need it
You better believe in something
We can make it
If you want it
You can have it, aah!

But stay woke
They gon’ find you
Gon’ catch you sleepin’
Put your hands up on me
Now stay woke
Now don’t you close your eyes
But stay woke, ooh
They gon’ find you
Gon’ catch you sleepin’
Ooh, now stay woke
Now don’t you close your eyes

Baby get so scandalous, oh
How’d it get so scandalous?
Oh, oh
Baby you
How’d it get…
How’d it get so scandalous?
Ooh we get so scandalous
But stay woke
But stay woke

My review of the Apple Watch

I received an Apple Watch as a totally unexpected, sorta-late, winter holiday gift, and here is my honest & blunt feedback (lots of “I’s” and “I’m’s” incoming).

After wearing it for a couple months, my main problems with the Apple Watch are its battery life, and limited functionality.


  • I get a nice little vibration on my wrist for any notification and can check them much quicker than digging in my pocket or looking for my phone
  • I can reply to texts quickly by using preset responses or using text to speech.
  • Seems to save battery life on my phone now that it doesn’t light up for 99% of the notifications I’d normally get
  • Activity tracker! This is my favorite part. Apple did a great job of gamifying standing up and moving around x times per day and encouraging you to try and beat your previous day or week habits.
  • Makes me feel like I’m getting a lot more exercise than I’m actually doing when playing drums…

    Drumming with Apple Watch.. I'll take it. #vf15 #drums #tama #apple #ios #applewatch

    A photo posted by Andy Gentile (@andythps) on


  • After wearing it for 24 hours I have to charge it. I really don’t want to have to charge a watch every night. This is easily the biggest turn-off (hey-ooo).
  • When I receive a notification from Voxer, I wish I could hear the message from my friends, and send one back much like the native phone and text apps.
  • Same with Snapchat notifications. Being able to see the snap on my watch would be great.
  • When I receive a Youtube notification, I wish I could watch the video or view the comment from the notification without using my phone.
  • There are 0 games that support watchOS. There are probably a handful that could/should work even on the tiny screen (flappy bird?).
  • 0 watch exclusive apps. I can think of a few essential things that’d add to its usefulness: Leveling tool, whistle, zippo, compass
  • I wish I could browse the internet via chrome or safari.
  • This is the epitome of first world problems, but it also doesn’t recognize when i’m standing at a stand desk (haha), or anywhere i’m resting my hands while standing.
  • When I’m laying down, I have trouble getting the watch screen to flip on. Also happens when slouching down on the couch. Pretty frustrating.
  • With the amount of customization we *could have*, I have yet to find a way to display digital time along with a second counter.
  • Also, where’s my 1 or two touch to get to a stop watch or timer? The quickest way for me to do this now is to ask siri to do it but it seems so essential and primitive that it should be a couple clicks away (maybe I just have yet to find out how).

All in all I think it’s.. not quite where it needs to be, and I’d be better off getting a regular watch for less than $50.

I think it’s a good first step towards something I couldn’t live without, and I’m no watch designer, but it seems like I’m really hoping for another powerful iOS device that could work as a phone substitution on my wrist (without the limited functionality and battery life) as opposed to being something that aids my phone and is now *one more thing* I need to keep up with, charge, and carry around.

I haven’t worn a watch in over 10 years, but I did through ages 5-15. All of these gripes will probably be resolved through time by updates and 3rd party support, but right now, I can’t justify the price tag and charging it every night to get a glimpse of what I feel the watch should be.

I started writing this review in January 2016 when I first got it, and finished this review after I sold it on ebay in late March 2016.

I’ll be at SMU Guildhall 2015 Fall Career Fair representing Epic Skater and Your Daily Fill

Click here for jobs

I’m excited to share that my brother and I’ll be at the Your Daily Fill booth meeting students, recent graduates, and alumni for SMU Guildhall’s 2015 Fall Career Fair.

Taken from Guildhall’s event page:

“The SMU Guildhall Career Fair, held twice a year, allows employers to speak with and interview job seekers in the senior cohort, alumni, mid-program students seeking summer internships, and eager freshmen curious about different companies.”

Check out the available positions for Epic Skater and two unannounced future projects at

We’re looking forward to meeting everyone, so please stop by and say hello!